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I'm in charge of Print, Cinema and Digital Production in Draftfcb.

I manage the production bill and one scope of my work is to check expenses and save and/or reduce external costs.

I'm constantly looking for new partners and suppliers with the aim of establish a good working relationship. Mutually beneficial with maximum quality and support.

I setup and manage all the tools for the team and project management (such as Basecamp, HootSuite, Ppmrodmap, Paymo and much more) trying to maintain an organized and linear workflow.

In preliminary process evaluation of projects I analyze work phases and I produce Information Architecture documents with a Navigation Tree. A Conceptual Model and Wireframes if needed.

This enables me to coordinate with the Client Service Department to insure that the project needs are met and to provide the most accurate cost estimates for clients.

I handle all management related duties regarding other team members.

I like to be a catalyst for team, creating a working environment where they can blend their skills and exchange competences passing their know how to the others.

We are never satisfied with our success and I encourage creativity and thinking outside of the box.

I'm member of the Management Board so I'm constantly updated on the status and direction of projects enabling my team ready to react to the changing trends and priorities of our business.

- Preliminary and technical analysys of projects
- User Experience, Graphic Design and Illustration
- Application design and development Management
- Team Management
- Estimates and Cost Management
- Knowledge and usage of CLM platform for pharma Companies (Agnitio, Veeva, Skura)

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